Prioritising Relationships & Connection



Aidan Watson gives his take on staying connected...

As a regular at our fortnightly men’s get together over coffee for the last couple of years, I have really appreciated being able to meet with existing friends and make new ones over coffee, tea or, occasionally, something stronger.

As men we often like to tell ourselves and others that we can do life on our own, but in reality we know that this isn’t true. Privately stewing on the bad day we have had a work, the marriage or parenting issues we are facing, or the life decisions we need to make is no substitute for being able to open up to a friend and talk things through. 

Similarly, we may have seen a great new show on Netflix, read a book we are itching to share, had a new revelation from our time with God or need to try out a new joke on an unsuspecting audience!

We may need to draw on the experience of an elder or be around the enthusiasm and certainty of youth. Whatever age and stage we are in life or with God we need to prioritise relationships and connection. Men’s coffee is a great opportunity to do just that.

- Aidan Watson

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