Feeling Lucky? 

 How coin tossing10much would you be willing to stake on the toss of a coin? Either way it's a 50 - 50 chance. What would you risk? Would you risk a dollar to win $1000?   What about $1000 to win $100,000..... Sometimes the risk can be worth the reward. 

What is the most you would risk?

Feeling Lucky 1In the 17th century  Blaise Pascal, a well known Mathematician and Philosopher, came up with what has become known as "Pascal's Wager".  Pascal's Wager says that we all gamble or take a risk with our lives. It says that if we spend our whole lives believing in God, and living   according to that belief and God turns out to not exist then when we die we've lost nothing. However if we live our lives and don't believe in God and live however we want to and God does exist then we have lost everything.

Do you feel lucky?

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