History of King's church

Towards the end of the 1990s, people from New Zealand and throughout the UK started to pray for the church in New Zealand.
In 2000, this small group from the Newfrontiers family of churches started to meet together in London, to pray and share their hearts. From these gatherings, there grew a vision to plant churches in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim; churches that would reach people for Christ, restore lost and hurting Christians and build bases to send to other parts of South East Asia.
And so, the King's Church family was born, to be sent thousands of kilometres from its home.
Meeting together in London - 2000

This small group of people gradually became a team of eleven adults, two teenagers and three children. In late 2001, the full team finally gathered with great joy and anticipation in Christchurch. The next months were given to prayer, making friends and laying the foundations for a new church.

KingsOn beach 2
The early team at Taylor's Mistake - 2001

For a year, the whanau met in each others' homes, sharing meals and their lives together. Then in 2003, the still small church plant, made the critical move into rooms at the University of Canterbury for Sunday meetings. In those days, there were three small groups of friends around the city, meeting during the week to pray, train and run Alpha courses together.

Growth was steady and, in 2004, another move took them to Madras Street for Sunday meetings. The children's work had developed from caring for three to more than 20. The small groups multiplied as people were added to the church and their Christian Growth Programme was written and run for the first time.

Kings 2 May 05
The church grows - May 2005

In 2005, the church outreach expanded, along with the small groups and children's work. King's had seen considerable growth with many people joining the church. Small groups were proving to be as vital a part of church life as they had been in the beginning. Alpha continued to run in homes, prayer continued in small groups, and weeks of prayer continued regularly, in which the church would pray for Christchurch, New Zealand and the family of churches in the Pacific Rim.

Throughout the life of King's Church, there have been regular weekends away, either with the other Newfrontiers churches or without. These are exciting times of worship, teaching and fun with friends. These weekends have built King's together more and more and have led to exciting encounters with God in a really relaxed environment.

Wainui 562p
King's Church Weekend at Wainui - November 2006

In April 2008, when Madras Street reached its maximum capacity, King's moved into a Salvation Army property in Cranford Street, just 2 kms from the city centre - the Cranford Centre.  The Centre was an excellent facility, with room for growth and King's took opportunities to be engaged with the community, including a Saturday Market Cafe, Musical Tots, Cranford's Got Talent, art exhibitions, as well as the hall being used for many community functions. The building was alive with activity almost every single day. Sadly, on 4th September 2010 the Centre was seriously damaged in the magnitude 7.1 Canterbury Eathquake.  The damage made the facilities unusable, forcing King's to relocate immediately. 


The official opening of the Cranford Centre - November 2008

After the Earthquake, the Principal and Trustees of Westburn School, in Waimairi Road, Ilam, generously made their new hall available.  There was room for King's to grow again in lovely modern facilities.

The vision for King's Church is to be a city-wide church and our Ilam location was just not central enough. In October 2015 the door opened for us to move into a more city-centre location and we now meet at the Catholic Cathedral College on Ferry Road.

King's mandate has always been to send people out to plant new churches around NZ and the Pacific Rim, and in 2015 King's saw its first plant in Nelson. Phil & Liz Cooper and their family, and Josh & Karen Shelley left us to start a new work in Nelson. The Nelson church, now Mosaic Community Church, is now a thriving and growing community.

Mosaic Community Church - February 2017

King's has grown remarkably from the very early days, with many elements of the original vision starting to be fulfilled. Faith has grown as God continues to speak to us and encourage us, and the next years look like they are going to be more exciting than those already gone!

King's Church - February 2017