Newfrontiers is a network of more than 1,500 churches around the world who work together to see the Gospel proclaimed, churches planted, leaders developed, the poor helped and nations reached. In December 2010, while visiting King's Church, we asked Terry Virgo, one of the founding fathers of our network, to speak about the history of Newfrontiers and the vision for the future.  Below is a partial video recording of this event.

History of Newfrontiers

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In 2011 Newfrontiers moved into period of transition as Terry Virgo handed over apostolic oversight to leaders of "spheres".

Newfrontiers in New Zealand, Australia and Beyond

Newfrontiers, in this part of the world, began when King's Church Christchurch was established in 2001.  The following year  King's Church Wellington was founded. In 2015, a team was sent from Christchurch to plant a new church in Nelson, led by Phil & Liz Cooper, who were part of the initial Christchurch team, and where Phil had served as an elder for several years.  2015 also saw Redeemer Church in New Plymouth welcomed into the Newfrontiers family.

Newfrontiers churches around the Pacific Rim: