About Us

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King's is a Christian church made up of people of all ages and all kinds of backgrounds from all over Christchurch. We are a big family. We love God and follow the bible. We care about people. We believe that God can transform our lives, families, schools, workplaces, our cities and nations.

Early on we were gifted the name Kingi Whanau by a well respected Maori Christian leader.  This wonderful gift expresses who we are beautifully. 
We are God's People on God's Mission for God's Glory

God's People

Church is all about people. People the same as us. People different from us. People we like. People who are not easy to like. People who are Christians. People who have yet to make that decision. God loves all people. So do we.

God's Mission

Jesus’ command to the church is to Go! That means taking God’s love through our words and our works to neighbours, colleagues, family and those we have never met. Whether that's on our doorstep or in other countries, we are reaching nations.

God's Glory

We are not here for ourselves. Church, indeed life, the universe and everything, has existence and purpose for God.