King's leadership team

Ken & Carol ShelleyKen  Carol 120 x 100

Ken & Carol grew up in the same church and knew each other from a very young age. Ken studied at London School of Theology and has been in a full-time in church work since 1987. They shifted to Christchurch with their family in September 2001 to start King's. They have two married children and four precious little grandchildren.


Matt & Lesley ParkerMay 0911

Matt and Lesley Parker have been part of King’s Church since they moved to Christchurch from the UK in 2005. They live in Aidanfield with their two lovely kids (Lois and Nathan) and a huge array of musical instruments. Matt is an elder and works full-time for King’s Church. Lesley works as a chemistry teacher. They are both very involved in the worship life of the Church.


Paul & Janet WilliamsMay 1111

We are Paul and Janet Williams, mum and dad to two teenage girls, Isabelle and Maddie.  We have a passion for seeing King's function as a family, each person connected, supported, encouraged and loved.  The primary means of achieving this is through the network of groups of friends which meet across the city every week - groups are for everyone!


Matt & Lucy PrattMay 1011

Matt and Lucy moved to Christchurch to be part of King’s Church in 2005. They live in Halswell with their three children, Benjamin, Beth and Henry. Matt is one of the elders at King’s. He oversees discipleship and can sometimes be heard preaching on a Sunday. Lucy serves the local community through the Little Steps mother and toddler group. They both have a passion to see people reach their potential in God.


Jonathan & Elizabeth BlowsJonathan and Elizabeth new

We (Jonathan and Elizabeth), together with our two lovely daughters, moved down to Christchurch from Auckland following the 2011 earthquake, where we have found a home at King’s. We have both worked in secondary education, and Jonathan is currently teaching Science at Hillview Christian School. Becoming a part of King's has given us a fresh experience of grace and community, and in response our desire is to serve Jesus and His church in whatever ways we can.


Chris & Ginger HornC&G

Chris and Ginger moved to Christchurch from the UK in 2013 and have been a part of King’s Church ever since. They live in Aidanfield with their kids, Joshua and Keziah. Ginger works part-time in the church office looking after finance and communications. Chris works incorporate finance, is a trustee of King’s and occasionally preaches on a Sunday. Chris and Ginger both love serving in the worship team and Chris also organizes The King’s Blues band. 


Sam WatsonSam Watson edited

Sam moved with his family as a child to plant Kings Church in 2001 and is currently training to be a primary school teacher. Heavily involved in the life of the church, Sam has helped to lead the young people of King's Church in the past and now heads up the worship team with a passion for seeing people of all ages and stages encounter God.